Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to School 2015 - The Classroom Tour

This year, our 3rd Grade theme is "Originality." We want to encourage our students to discover, create, and collaborate throughout the year, valuing what makes each student unique.  So to celebrate my originality and uniqueness, I wanted to share the beginnings of my classroom for the year (as always, still in progress).

For bulletin boards, we created a word cloud describing originality along with some quotes from some other original thinkers. Outside my classroom is where we will share all of our original work.

For my door, I hung a poster to show my love of all things Doctor Who - something that makes me unique (at least where I live).

Now in the classroom, I went with a black, blue, and teal scheme that I think really works. Here is my small group area that will double as my STEM station/mini-Makerspace:

The Reading Corner with my comfy pillows and milk-crate benches that I made last year:

My little corner of the room. I had to take a picture of my new pen cup. I went a little crazy buying multicolored pens. Maybe I'll share with the kids! :)

Here's my best NAEIR find - one of my laminators that I bought for $14. Put that baby to good use!

My laminator thinks it's a Dalek  
Finally, ready for Meet the Teacher! Welcome packs (Open House Flipbook by Ashley Reed) on desks and sign-in sheets ready for my awesome new 3rd graders:

Class starts Monday, and we have so many adventures to share! It's going to be a FANTASTIC year! Hope you'll join us along the way!

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