Monday, October 20, 2014

Time Flies in Third Grade!: Our First Nine Weeks

It's hard to believe that we have already made it through our first nine weeks of third grade!
We've accomplished so much, but I'm also looking forward to more adventures to come.

Here's a look at what we've been up to the last few weeks:

First, we finished up our experiment on the effects of the sun's energy called "Sun Prints."  We each cut out two handprints using construction paper, then hung one inside away from direct sunlight, and the other handprint in the window where it would receive direct sunlight.

Two weeks later, we took down both handprints, then compared and analyzed the changes that occurred.  Here are some of our results:

While we were busy reviewing our solar system research, the students created models of the solar system to present in class.  Here are a few of their "out of this world" creations.

In math class, we've started off our mornings doing our Daily Math Practice to keep all of our skills sharp.  The students are starting to become great problem solvers and are working on explaining our answers to the class.  We are also learning A LOT from our mistakes!

We finished up our numeracy unit by reviewing rounding strategies, working on place value workstations, and playing an awesome Kahoot! review game before our test (Click here to give it a try and see how much you know!)

Rounding Anchor Chart

Place Value & Numeracy Kahoot!

In our second nine-weeks we will be continuing addition and subtraction strategies, and then get to work on multiplication!  In science, we'll be studying weather and the water cycle.  With both subjects, we'll continue to work on becoming better problem solvers on our adventures together.

Have a FANTASTIC day!

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