Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mission Organization: Making a Milk-Crate Bench

Vacations are done, teacher training has begun, and my kiddos come next Monday, so it's time to put my room together (tour coming soon!).

One of my favorite Pinspirations that I've been putting together is the awesome milk crate benches that are going to double as my book nook.  It took a little help from my tool-wielding hubby, but we finally put two of them together.  Here's how we did it!

How to Make a Milk-Crate Bench

For each bench you will need:

  • Three milk crates 9"x 9"x 13" (You can ask for them at the grocery store, or buy from Home Depot, the Container Store, or online)
  • 1/4 inch MDF cut to size (You can use other types of wood, but this is light, durable and less expensive)
  • Three 5/16"x1 1/2" bolts, three 5/16" nuts, and six 5/16" Fender washers
  • Polyfoam (most craft stores will have this)
  • Fabric (I wanted Doctor Who fabric, so I found some on
  • Zip ties (at least 8)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Upholstery stapler and 1/4" staples

1) We  zip-tied the three milk crates together and then took measurements for our MDF.

2) Test the board to make sure it fits.  Then mark where to drill the holes for the bolts.  We did one on each end and one in the middle.

3) Drill the holes with a 5/16" bit and then insert the bolt through the holes over Fender washers to distribute weight.

4) Cut the polyfoam to size, leaving about a 1 to 1 1/2 inch border.  Glue to the top of the board.

5) Cut fabric to size, gather and staple to the underside of the board.

6) Attach board to crates using another washer and 5/16" nut.

7) Cut the zip-ties and you have a completed milk crate bench!

I added cloth drawers for my classroom books and other storage.  They turned out great, and were even tested by one of my colleague's children.  They loved them, and I hope my 3rd graders will too!

My Quality Control Experts - Think these benches passed!

Now to get ready for another day of prep and training.  Once the whole room's together, I can't wait to show it off!

Have a FANTASTIC week!


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