Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mission Organization Continues

Hubby has been out-of-town for a week, so I spent several days working on all sorts of things for my classroom.  I've been creating and labeling and sorting and Pinning like crazy!  My material isn't in for my benches and chairs, so that demonstration will have to wait until next time.

I'm especially excited about my organization for Math Workshop.  I made my rotation chart based on having four teams of students and four stations and adapted from printables I purchased from The Clutter Free Classroom.  I've decided on a black & white theme with elements of TARDIS blue, so her printables work perfectly!  I put my rotation chart on poster board so I can reuse it or move it around if needed.  I'll be using four small dry erase boards to list out the team members so that I can change them easily each week.

Math Workshop Rotation Chart

I've also finished numbering my Math Tubs and have been labeling my drawers for supplies.  I have discovered my new love for decorative duct tape and washi tape for decorating.  I like this particular tape because it looks a lot like Gallifreyan writing (for those that don't speak geek, that's the written language of The Doctor's home planet on Doctor Who).

Math Tubs
Drawer Labels
Then I got REALLY crafty (thank you Pinterest!) and made this sign for my students.  I'll find a special place for it in my classroom!  I used Google Drawing to make the words and frames, then printed and glued on to cardstock, laminated and attached to each other with ribbon.  I used leftover cardstock for the heart on top.

Last thing I did this week was create the bones of my teacher website using Google Sites.  I used the Classroom Website template and edited it for my needs. I still have a few details to add and adjust, but I think it's a great start.  You can check it out at

I also posted several of these projects and more ideas to My Classroom Pinterest Board - Follow Amanda's board My Classroom on Pinterest.

I'll be starting my actual classroom setup in two weeks, so I can't wait to see how everything comes together!  

What do you think is most important to a successful classroom setup?  Let me know in the comments - I would REALLY appreciate it! :)

Have a FANTASTIC day!

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